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Angelo Moreno: Marketing Analyst

Angelo Moreno | August 16, 2023 | 7 min read

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Marketing analyst passionate in helping companies maximize marketing efforts using data


Hello! I’m a marketing analyst from Jersey City, NJ. I’ve been a marketing analyst for a little over a year now, starting my journey into marketing analytics back in June  2022. I graduated with a bachelors in Music Business from New Jersey City University (NJCU) in 2020 and most recently,  a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing in December of 2022 from my alma mater

I decided to pursue an MBA in Marketing due to my strong passion for storytelling and delivering value to others. I was introduced to the ever expanding world of possibilities to combine marketing and data analytics after taking an Intro to Data Science course as part of my graduate studies. I was hooked at first sight, eager to soak in more knowledge about data analytics beyond the classroom and figure out how I could leverage data analytics to help companies deliver more value to customers.

This website serves not only as a portfolio of the projects I’m working on or have completed, but also as a guide and source of motivation for others whom share the same insatiable hunger and curiosity to learn more about this fascinating world of marketing analytics.