Case Studies


When Was the Golden Age of Video Games?

Video games are big business: the global gaming market is projected to be worth more than $300 billion by 2027 according to Mordor Intelligence. With so much money at stake, the major game publishers are hugely incentivized to create the next big hit. But are games getting better, or has the golden age of video games already passed?

In this project, we’ll explore the top 400 best-selling video games created between 1977 and 2020. We’ll compare a dataset on game sales with critic and user reviews to determine whether or not video games have improved as the gaming market has grown.

Pizza Runner

Fictitious diner owner Danny wants to use existing customer data to help him decide whether he should expand his existing customer loyalty program. The customer data includes visiting patterns, how much customers have spent, and which menu items are their favorite.

International Debt Statistics

This project analyzes datasets of real world national and regional debt statistics published by The World Bank for several countries around the world across years 1970 to 2015. 

Danny’s Dinner

Fictitious Japanese food-lover Danny decides to embark on a venture and opens up a little restaurant selling sushi, curry, and ramen.


Cleaning Bank Marketing Campaign Data

You have been asked to work with a bank to clean the data they collected as part of a recent marketing campaign, which aimed to get customers to take out a personal loan.

 They plan to conduct more marketing campaigns going forward so would like you to ensure it conforms to the specific structure and data types that they specify so that they can then use the cleaned data you provide to set up a PostgreSQL database, which will store this campaign’s data and allow data from future campaigns to be easily imported.